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Family Volleyball Options

In the 1980s, Family Volleyball was promoted by USAV and sponsored by Sugar Free Jello. The game was 4 vs. 4 and teams could be comprised of mom and/or dad and their children and child's friends, if there were not enough family members. As the sport has grown in the junior age groups, new ideas for families have evolved.

Father and Mother's Day doubles competitions are growing in popularity both outdoor league division and tournaments. Vail's King of the Mountain event is a good model. Friday afternoon, juniors get a clinic on by playing the doubles game with the rule differences and playing fast, fun five minute games against as many other junior teams as time permits. Saturday, the juniors play age group doubles, while parents watch or visit the area. Sunday (Father's Day), Father Son and Father Daughter competition takes place in 18 & under and 15 & under divisions. Father's with two or more kids are allowed to substitute the kids freely, even point by point, as long as the oldest child's age division is competed in. Daughters can play in the son division, at the oldest child's division, while sons can play in the Father Daughter division as long as they are two years younger than the age group.

Other programs have sprung up doing Parent-Toddler volleyball, much like the Day Care model that is listed in the youth section on this webpage, using balloons, balloon balls and superlight balls like the 70 gram First Touch by Molten. Family night, volleyball takes on many forms - the chance to give the parents their own date night, as the kids play in pools of three competition is one form. At the other end, having a full participation by all family members for example groupings of K-3rd grade, 4-6th grade, middle and even high school. They learn officiating, play fun games, take part in team building exercises, and play on teams with one or both parents, and with a no jumping rule for the parents is often used. Sitting volleyball, the Paralympic sport, is also an option. Scoring can be regular rally scoring, or "best 2 out of 3" point scoring (where the official/scorekeeper tosses in 1-2 balls after the served rally ends, so that serving does not dominate the game). Another program idea is to have the kids do clinics or even league play, while the parents are given sessions separately by the program staff, teaching the purpose of the drills being done, insights in the skills, and other programming and training ideas. Some programs have found that parents that are being taught in these sessions tend to move into an assistant coaching role within the season. The ideas do not stop at high school, but other programs have family competitions at the collegiate level, and in club alumni games, as well as post college.


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